The History of Kaneko-Hannosuke

Hannosuke Kaneko served as the second chairman of Japanese cook association “Isshin-kai.” He was born in Asakusa and loved Shitamachi, the old downtown in Tokyo, and Japanese cuisine more than anybody else did. Kaneko Shinya, grand son of Hansuke, inherited a recipe book named “Enma-Cho” in his childhood. In that book there was a recipe of the secret “Edomae” sauce for rice bowl dish. With the secret sauce and numerous times of trial and error of what ingredients suit for it, finally, one bowl of TENDON, a rice bowl with tempuras on it, was created.


A rice bowl with tempuras of conger, shrimp, squid, and soft boiled egg which we buy every moring at Tsukiji market and really fresh. It symbolizes the Hannosukeʼs passion for tendon of chic, substantial, but in a reasonable price. The tempura, the secret sauce, and the rice, they all get together, create miraculous valance of combination.


We have restaurants specialize Tempura-Meshi which we want you to enjoy fresh fried tempuras with rice at the counter in restaurants. In order to let you enjoy from the beginning till the end, we determine what we use fro our tempuras, of course, but also seasoning, Japanese pickles, and miso soup as well.